LogDATA.txt Driver File Contents (bCMS.zip)


;	String Key Value	:	Content




ADD_0				= Program Start

ADD_1				= Program End	   

ADD_2				= Recording (Continuous)

ADD_3				= Recording (Motion)

ADD_4				= Recording (Sensor)

ADD_5				= Recording (Audio)     

ADD_6				= Recording (Schedule)     

ADD_7				= Backup            

ADD_8				= Setup             

ADD_9				= Live Display    

ADD_10				= P/T/Z   

ADD_11				= Save and Print

ADD_12				= HDD  

ADD_13				= Recording (All Event)

ADD_14				= All            


LIST_CAL			= Year-Month-Date

LIST_TIME			= Hour: Minute: Second

LIST_INFO			= Event Information

LIST_EVENTS			= Event Contents


LOG_TYPE0			= Program Start

LOG_TYPE1			= Program End	

LOG_TYPE2			= Recording (Continuous)

LOG_TYPE3			= Recording (Motion)

LOG_TYPE4			= Recording (Sensor)

LOG_TYPE5			= Recording (Audio)

LOG_TYPE6			= Recording (Schedule)

LOG_TYPE7			= Backup

LOG_TYPE8			= Setup

LOG_TYPE9			= Live Display 

LOG_TYPE10			= P/T/Z  

LOG_TYPE11			= Save and Print 


LOG_TYPE13			= Recording (All Event)



LOG_PROGRAM_IN			= Program Start            

LOG_LOGIN			= Login (User: %s)       

LOG_CONNECT			= User Connection (User: %s, Authorization: %s)



LOG_PROGRAM_OUT			= Program End

LOG_LOGOUT			= Logout (User: %s)  

LOG_DISCONNECT			= User Disconnected (User: %s)


LOG_CONTI_START			= Start continuous recording (camera: %s)

LOG_CONTI_STOP			= Stop continuous recording (camera: %s)


LOG_MOTION_START		= Start motion recording (camera: %s)	

LOG_MOTION_STOP			= Stop motion recording (camera: %s)


LOG_SENSOR_START		= Start sensor recording (Camera: %s)

LOG_SENSOR_STOP			= Stop sensor recording (Camera: %s)


LOG_AUDIO_START			= Start audio recording (camera: %s)

LOG_AUDIO_STOP			= Stop audio recording (camera: %s)


LOG_SCH_START			= Start schedule recording (camera: %s, schedule name: %s)

LOG_SCH_STOP			= Stop schedule recording (camera: %s, schedule name: %s)


LOG_BACKUP_START		= Start Backup (Camera: %s, Period: %s ~ %s)

LOG_BACKUP_END_OK		= Backup completed

LOG_BACKUP_DELETE		= Delete Start (Camera: %s, Period: %s ~ %s)

LOG_BACKUP_DLEETE_OK		= Delete Completed


LOG_SETUP_IN			= Enter Setup (User: %s)

LOG_SETUP_OUT			= Exit Setup  

LOG_SETUP_COLOR			= Color change (Camera: %s, RBG: %s)

LOG_SETUP_USER_INSERT		= Add user (User: %s)

LOG_SETUP_USER_DELETE		= Delete user (user: %s)

LOG_SETUP_USER_ADM_MODIFY	= Modify user authorization (user: %s, authorization: %s)

LOG_SETUP_USER_PASS_MODIFY	= Modify user password (User: %s)

LOG_SETUP_SERVER_INSERT		= Add server information (server: %s)

LOG_SETUP_SERVER_DELETE		= Delete server information (server: %s)

LOG_SETUP_SERVER_MODIFY		= Modify server information (server: %s)

LOG_SETUP_WATCHDOG_ON		= Use Watchdog function 

LOG_SETUP_WATCHDOG_OFF		= Do not use Watchdog function

LOG_SETUP_WATCHDOG_TIME		= Watchdog setup (time: %s)

LOG_SETUP_TVOUT_ROTATING	= TV-Output automatic display change setup (time: %s)

LOG_SETUP_TVOUT_NUM_OFF		= Do not use TV-Output camera number mark

LOG_SETUP_TVOUT_NUM_ON		= Use TV-Output camera number mark

LOG_SETUP_NETWORK_PORT		= Network Port Number Setup (Port Number: %s)

LOG_SETUP_NTSC			= Video Type - NTSC Setup

LOG_SETUP_PAL			= Video Type - PAL Setup

LOG_SETUP_CAM_FRAME		= Camera Frame Setup (Bank: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_PTZ		= PTZ Setup (Camera: %s, P/T/Z: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MJPEG			= Codec MJPEG Setup (Camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MPEG4			= Codec MPEG4 Setup (Camera: %s)

;LOG_SETUP_VIDIO_LOW		= Display size (352*240) setup (camera: %s)

;LOG_SETUP_VIDIO_MOD		= Display size (704*240) setup (camera: %s)

;LOG_SETUP_VIDIO_HIGH		= Screen Size (704*480) Setup (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_VIDIO_SIZE		= screen size setup (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_AUDIO_OFF		= Do not use audio (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_AUDIO_ON		= Use audio (camera: %s, audio channel: %s)

LOG_SETUP_RECORD_DRIVE		= Recording drive setup(drive: %s)

LOG_SETUP_SCH_INSERT		= Add recording schedule (schedule: %s)

LOG_SETUP_SCH_MODIFY		= Modify recording schedule (schedule: %s)

LOG_SETUP_SCH_DELETE		= Delete recording schedule (schedule: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MOTION_RECT_SET	= Set Motion detection area (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MOTION_RECT_DEL	= Delete Motion detection area (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MOTION_ALL_SET	= Set entire motion detection area (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MOTION_ALL_DEL	= Delete entire motion detection area (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MOTION_NIGHT_ON	= Use night motion (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_MOTION_NIGHT_OFF	= Do not use night motion (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_SENSITIVENESS	= Setup camera sensitivity (camera: %s, sensitivity: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_MOTION_SENSOR_ON	= Setup camera motion sensor (camera: %s, sensor: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_MOTION_SENSOR_OFF	= Set off camera motion sensor (camera: %s, sensor: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_AUDIO_SENSOR_ON	= Set up camera audio sensor (camera: %s, sensor: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_AUDIO_SENSOR_OFF	= Set off  (camera: %s, sensor: %s)

LOG_SETUP_SENSOR_DELAY_TIME	= Setup sensor output delay time (Sensor: %s, Time: %s second)

LOG_SETUP_AUTO_LOGIN_ON		= Use auto login

LOG_SETUP_AUTO_LOGIN_OFF	= Do not use auto login 

LOG_SETUP_PROGRAM_EXIT_PASS_ON	= Use Password confirm when terminating program

LOG_SETUP_PROGRAM_EXIT_PASS_OFF	= Do not use password confirm when terminating program

LOG_SETUP_OSD			= Change OSD setup

LOG_SETUP_IMAGE_SAVE_FOLDER	= Set image storing folder (folder: %s)

LOG_SETUP_AUTO_DLSPLAY_OFF	= Do not use automatic image conversion function

LOG_SETUP_AUTO_DLSPLAY_ON	= Use automatic image conversion

LOG_SETUP_AUTO_DLSPLAY_TIME	= Use automatic display conversion function (%s second)

LOG_SETUP_LANGUAGE		= Setup display language (language: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_OFF		= Do not use camera (camera: %s)

LOG_SETUP_CAM_ON		= Use camera (camera: %s)


LOG_WATCHDOG_EVENT		= Operate watchdog function

LOG_LOSS_CAM_ON			= Display signal connected (camera: %s)

LOG_LOSS_CAM_OFF		= Display signal disconnected (camera: %s)

LOG_USER_COLOR_MODIFY		= Color change by user (User: %s, Camera: %s, RBG: %s)

LOG_OUTPUT_SENSOR_ON		= Turn on output sensor (Sensor number: %s)

LOG_OUTPUT_SENSOR_OFF		= Turn off output sensor (Sensor number: %s)

LOG_TVOUT_CHANGE		= Change TV-Out channel (camera: %s)

LOG_STREAM_START		= Start display stream

LOG_STREAM_STOP			= Stop display stream


LOG_CAM_PTZ_POSSESSION_ON	= Turn on PTZ preemption (user: %s, camera: %s)

LOG_CAM_PTZ_POSSESSION_OFF	= Turn off PTZ preemption (user: %s, camera: %s)


LOG_IMAGE_SAVE			= Save display image by user (User: %s, Camera: %s, Date: %s)

LOG_IMAGE_PRINT			= Print display image by user (User: %s, Camera: %s, Date(time):%s)

LOG_PRINT_SETTING		= Print setup


LOG_HDD_FULL			= Lacking Disk Storage (Drive: %s)

LOG_HDD_FULL_DELETE		= Start deleting recorded data (drive: %s, date: %s)

LOG_HDD_FULL_RECSTOP	 	= Stop Recording due to HDD disk storage lacking

LOG_HDD_FULL_RECNEXTDRV		= Continuous Recording on the next Drive (Drive: %s)

LOG_HDD_FULL_DELETE_END		= Terminating Recorded Date Deleting

LOG_HDD_FULL_SEARCHSTOP		= HDD Overwrite, Stop Search


LOG_ALL_START			= Start All-Event Recording

LOG_ALL_STOP			= Stop All-Event Recording





LOG_MESSAGE_NO_DATA		= No DATA to delete .

LOG_MESSAGE_LAST_HIGH		= Incorrect date selection in section search.

LOG_MESSAGE_SEARCH_DATE		= No DATA for the searched date

LOG_MESSAGE_NO_SELECT		= Select DATA to delete.

LOG_MESSAGE_NO_SEARCH		= Select DATA to delete.

LOG_MESSAGE_SEARCH_MENU		= Daylong Search has been selected.

LOG_MESSAGE_SEARCH_DELETE	= There is no searched DATA.

LOG_MESSAGE_DELETE_OK		= Do you want to delete?

LOG_MESSAGE_DB_NO		= DB file does not exist

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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

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