Ntfs2400.inf Driver File Contents (documan301.zip)

; Installation Information File (INF)

;Application global information
;1) MinHDSpace is the minimum space needed in KiloBytes for DMS Installation.
;2) DfltDir is the default path for DMS , MinHDSpace is used to check DfltDir.
;3) the 'uninstaller' item is optional, others are required
;   uninstaller program is always installed to  windows directory
;   uninstaller name will change to  "TTIUNxxx.EXE", xxx is version number
;   uninstall INF file created by installer is store at \windows\inf\TTIUN.INF
;   uninstaller must check version number in the uninstall INF file
;4) version number 301 means 3.01
BkText=DocuMan 3.01
GroupName=DocuMan.GRP, Documan

;List of diskettes needed to install the product and the name of each diskette.

;lists of directories that must be created from the destination directory
;files to be copied are in the same directory structure on the
;floppy (by default)
;1 for application directory
;3 for Windows dir
;4 for TWAIN_32 device driver  diretory ( c:\windows\twain_32\ATDRV)
;5 for TWAIN device driver directory (16-bit)
;6 for Windows\System dir
;7 for Windowp\system\iosubsys
;8 for Windowp\system\drivers
;format for other user direcotries which  are always under
;aplicaiton, and should start from 10= examples:
;      10=data
;      11=data\dataone

;description, src-name, dst-name, (dir #), (diskette #), (Compressed), <Required>
;TopDrawer Application,  TOPDRAWR.EX_,    TOPDRAWR.EXE , 1 , 1 , Y,N
;NOTE: the required-flag for the first file on each disk must be "Y"
;  content of DISK1
Engine for Text Bridge,              ICRSRV32.EX_, ICRSRV32.EXE, 1,1,Y,Y
DLL's for Text Bridge - 01,          TB95ENGL.DL_, TB95ENGL.DLL, 1,1,Y,Y
DLL's for Text Bridge - 02,          ICR32.DL_,    ICR32.DLL,    1,1,Y,Y
English Language for Text Bridge,    ENGLISH.L_,   ENGLISH.LC,   1,1,Y,Y
;  content of DISK2
Upgrade Info for Text Bridge,        TBORDER.TXT,  TBORDER.TXT,  1,2,N,Y
Danish Language for Text Bridge,     DANISH.L_,    DANISH.LC,    1,2,Y,N
Dutch Language for Text Bridge,      DUTCH.L_,     DUTCH.LC,     1,2,Y,N
Finnish Language for Text Bridge,    FINNISH.L_,   FINNISH.LC,   1,2,Y,N
French Language for Text Bridge,     FRENCH.L_,    FRENCH.LC,    1,2,Y,N
German Language for Text Bridge,     GERMAN.L_,    GERMAN.LC,    1,2,Y,N
Italian Language for Text Bridge,    ITALIAN.L_,   ITALIAN.LC,   1,2,Y,N
Norwegian Language for Text Bridge,  NORSK.L_,     NORSK.LC,     1,2,Y,N
Portuguese Language for Text Bridge, PORT.L_,      PORT.LC,      1,2,Y,N
Russian Language for Text Bridge,    RUSSIAN.L_,   RUSSIAN.LC,   1,2,Y,N
Spanish Language for Text Bridge,    SPANISH.L_,   SPANISH.LC,   1,2,Y,N
Swedish Language for Text Bridge,    SWEDISH.L_,   SWEDISH.LC,   1,2,Y,N
DLL'S for AWD - 01,                  AWDENC32.DL_, AWDENC32.DLL, 1,2,Y,Y
DLL's for AWD - 02,                  AWDCXC32.DL_, AWDCXC32.DLL, 1,2,Y,Y
DLL's for AWD - 03,                  AWVIEW32.DL_, AWVIEW32.DLL, 1,2,Y,Y
DLL's for AWD - 04,                  AWCODC32.DL_, AWCODC32.DLL, 1,2,Y,Y
DLL's for AWD - 05,                  AWRESX32.DL_, AWRESX32.DLL, 1,2,Y,Y
DLL's for AWD Support,               MSVCRT40.DL_, MSVCRT40.DLL, 6,2,Y,Y
DLL's for JPEG - 01,                 OLEPRO32.DL_, OLEPRO32.DLL, 6,2,Y,Y
DLL's for JPEG - 02,                 LLI32.DL_,    LLI32.DLL,    1,2,Y,Y
DLL's for JPEG - 03,                 LLO32.DL_,    LLO32.DLL,    1,2,Y,Y
;  content of DISK3
32-bit Twain DLL,                    TWAIN_32.DL_, TWAIN_32.DLL, 3,3,Y,Y
32-bit Twain Thunker,                TWUNK_32.EX_, TWUNK_32.EXE, 3,3,Y,Y
16-bit Twain DLL,                    TWAIN.DL_,    TWAIN.DLL,    3,3,Y,Y
16-bit Twain Thunker,                TWUNK_16.EX_, TWUNK_16.EXE, 3,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 01,        PATTERN.SR_,  PATTERN.SRC,  1,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 02,        PATTERN.SR_,  PATTERN.SRC,  4,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 04,        2400FS0.SR_,  CALIB0.SRC,   1,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 04,        2400FS1.SR_,  CALIB1.SRC,   1,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 04,        2400FS1.SR_,  CALIB1.SRC,   4,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 04,        2400FS2.SR_,  CALIB2.SRC,   1,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 04,        2400FS2.SR_,  CALIB2.SRC,   4,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 04,        2400FS3.SR_,  CALIB3.SRC,   1,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 04,        2400FS3.SR_,  CALIB3.SRC,   4,3,Y,Y
Bitmap File for DocuMan - 05,        FRONTPG.SR_,  FRONTPG.SRC,  1,3,Y,Y
Image for Tamarack Home Page,        TAMARACK.JPG, TAMARACK.JPG, 1,3,N,Y
Tamarack Home Page,                  WELCOME.HT_,  WELCOME.HTM,  1,3,Y,Y
DocuMan Context Help,                DOCUMAN.CN_,  DOCUMAN.CNT,  1,3,Y,Y
DocuMan Help,                        DOCUMAN.HL_,  DOCUMAN.HLP,  1,3,Y,Y
;  content of DISK4
DocuMan Application,                 DOCUMAN.EX_,  DOCUMAN.EXE,  1,4,Y,Y
DLL's for Twain Source,              FILMSCAN.DS, FILMSCAN.DS,  4,4,Y,Y
DLL's for DocuMan - 00,              FILMSCAN.DS, TSCANNER.DLL, 1,4,Y,Y
DLL's for DocuMan - 01,              SUPPORT.DL_,  SUPPORT.DLL,  1,4,Y,Y
DLL's for Data Compression,          IMGCOMP.DL_,  IMGCOMP.DLL,  1,4,Y,Y
DLL's for OCR,                       OCR32.DL_,    OCR32.DLL,    1,4,Y,Y
;  content of DISK5
32-bit Scanner Driver,               2400FSNT.DL_, 2400FSNT.DLL, 6,5,Y,Y
32-bit Scanner Driver,               USB2400.DLL,  USB2400.DLL,  6,5,Y,Y
32-bit Kernel DriverX Driver,        DRIVERX.SY_,  DRIVERX.SYS,  8,5,Y,Y
Data File for DocuMan,               DOCUMAN.INI,  DOCUMAN.INI,  3,5,N,Y
DocuMan On-line Manual,              ARTISCAN.HL_, ARTISCAN.HLP, 1,5,Y,N
Microsoft Outlook vReader,           MSVREADR.EX_, MSVREADR.EXE, 1,5,Y,Y
Description file for vReader,        VREADER.TXT,  VREADER.TXT,  1,5,Y,Y
;  content of DISK6
Upgrade Info for Ricoh,              RICOH.TXT,    RICOH.TXT,    1,6,N,Y
DLL's for Ricoh - 01,                DSEG32.DL_,   DSEG32.DLL,   1,6,Y,N
DLL's for Ricoh - 02,                JDICT32.DL_,  JDICT32.DLL,  1,6,Y,N
DLL's for Ricoh - 03,                JOCR32.DL_,   JOCR32.DLL,   1,6,Y,N
Dictionary for Pattern,              PATTERN.DI_,  PATTERN.DIC,  1,6,Y,N
Dictionary for Pattern,              PATTERN0.DI_, PATTERN0.DIC, 1,6,Y,N
Dictionary for Language,             LANG.DI_,     LANG.DIC,     1,6,Y,N

[PM Info]
;File Name, App Description, Icon file #, Icon #


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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

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