history.txt Driver File Contents (848wdm_iu.zip)

bt8x8 WDM drivers 3.1.28 tweaked by IvUs

20.07.2001 build (inf changes only)
Added support for the KWorld TV-878FBK with Philips Pal/Secam DK tuner (C0) 
(Great Thank for Stanislav Selutin <w3cats@yahoo.com>)

17.07.2001 build (inf changes only)
Added support for "Genius Video Wonder Pro II V2" with Philips NSTC-PAL M/N 
tuner module (Great Thank for Fernando Vivolo <gifsistemas@tutopia.com>)

30.05.2001 build (inf changes only)
Added support for "Askey CPH-033" (Great Thank for Rolandas Naujikas 
Some more fixed some parameters for Askey CPH-05X.

28.05.2001 build (inf changes only)
Added support for "KNC1 TV-Station RDS" and "Pinnacle Studio PCTV" cards.
(not tested). Fixed some parameters for Askey CPH-05X.

22.05.2001 build (inf changes only)
Support for CyberTainment capture card added. 
Thanx for Brian Hayes <BHayes@kali.net>

21.05.2001 build (inf changes only)
Support for FlyVideo 98B (Lifetec LT 9415) added.
Support for Askey CPH-05X, Askey CPH-06X, Anubis/Typhoon/KNC ONE added but
not tested.

10.05.2001 build (inf changes only)
Added support for ATI TV Wonder cards family (Great Thank for  Mike Crash 

03.05.2001 build (inf changes only)
compat.txt updated with new cards: AverMedia TV Capture 98 and FlyVideo98A

28.04.2001 build
bttuner.sys: wrong capabilities was returned for frequency range. Some 
DirectShow applications did not tunning to higher channels.
Support for Hauppauge WinTV Primio added to inf-files.
"OkToHibernate" parameter inserted to inf-files.
Big thanks to Giorgio D'Alessio (giodal@tiscalinet.it) for information 
an support.

27.04.2001 build 
Fixed old Conexant's bug: wrong arguments passed to function GetGPIOBits.
As result Avermedia native remote control application "QuickTV" was not worked.
Changes into bt848.inf: support for several TV-Tuner model added (not tested!).

26.04.2001 build (inf changes only)
FlyVideo 98 (SUBSYS_18501851) with Temic PAL D/SECAM D tuner support added.

27.03.2001 build
Fixed bug into bttuner.sys: upper level of frequency range was moved from
801.25 MHz to 855.25 MHz. 
changes into *.Inf files: now this drivers may be used with Windows 98 operating
system (tested on Windows 98 SE Pan European version)

21.03.2001 build
New parameter into DriverData registry key: InitPLL. Must be "0" for
bt848-based cards and "1" for bt878-based cards.
bttuner.sys changed: append mode change notificators for bt848.sys.
Changes into bt848.inf: fixed wrong settings for AverMedia TV Phone 95

17.03.2001 build
Into bt848.sys implemented support for functions ReadDecoder ¨ WriteDecoder, it necessary
for IOCtrl.dll worked properly. Thanks to Mike Crash (tvfreak@tvfreak.cz).
Into bt848.inf inserted next changes for follows card support (not tested):
  -FlyVideo EZ 98
  -Tekram M205 PRO
  -AverMedia TV Phone 95.

03.03.2001 build
Audio tract settings now placed into system registry (in DriverData Key). 
This solve use this driver for card by other TV-tuner manufacturers. 
Of course, some changes in bt848.inf need. Se also bt848.inf

25.02.2001 build
Bug fixed: system crash with IRQL_NON_LESS_OR_EQUAL if kernel paging enabled.
Big thanks to Igor Mikhailuk (mig@nilena.ukrtel.net)
Into bt848.inf insert changes by Igor Mikhailuk for Philips PAL/SECAM correct 
All defaults into bt848.sys now set to European standarts PAL/SECAM (was NTSC)

Remaked ACPI-commands support. Hibernate and "Suspend-to-RAM" functions 
now worked properly. System will restore properly without hand-ups.
Fixed bug into bttuner.sys: low level of frequency range was moved from
55.25Mhz to 45.75Mhz. It let possibility tune to channel #1 in euoropeans
frequency grids.

Into tuner part of driver - bttuner.sys added support for FM-radio mode
(worked only tuner module by Philips).

Into BTTUNER.INF added support for Philips SECAM D tuner module.

                           Ivan Uskov
                           (mailto: ivus@tele-kom.ru)
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