SPECIFICATION.txt Driver File Contents (ExternalTVTuner2005.zip)

Driver Package File Name: ExternalTVTuner2005.zip
File Size: 18.0 MB

1.adapt to pc/at computer
2.use digital technology,rise picture sharp
3.set time to power on/off everyday
4.full subjoin channel receiving and compatible with cable and wireless tv
5.full function remote controller,OSD convenient operation
1.usb 2.0 connect, unopen the pc
2.receive tv broadcasts:125 channel cable/antenna-ready tv tuner
3.external inputs for video capture:av and s-video inputs for external video resourses like cameras and VCRs.
4.video conferences,video phone:MSN netmeeting for video conferences
5.wireless remote control included:channels up/down,volume up/down, record and play video
6.full motion video capture:save as AVI and mpeg 1,2,&4
7.still frame video capture:capture to image buffer and save to different resolution and format(BMP,TIF AND JPEG)
8.external interface:75 ohm IEC coaxial input(cable tv) FM radio antenna input, composite(RCA)input,s-video(SVHS)input,audio input and line audio output
server: ftp, load: 1.42