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Copyright CANON INC. 1994-2002

Canon BJ Printer Driver Version 7.22


Thank you for purchasing a Canon Color Bubble Jet Printer. We
at Canon hope that you will appreciate its exceptional print
quality, flexible paper handling, fast printing speed and
virtually trouble-free operation.

This printer driver allows you to print documents from any
Windows application to your Canon Bubble Jet printer. The driver
is designed to function with Windows Me and Windows 98. The
correct driver configuration is automatically installed based on
the version of Windows you are using.

This README file contains supplemental information which helps
you install and use your printer driver software with the
Microsoft Windows Me and Windows 98 operating systems.
As with most software and hardware products, some information is
made available after the development of the user's manual.
Updated information regarding your printer is provided in this
README file. If you require additional assistance, please
contact your local Canon company. The contact addresses and
phone numbers are listed in the user's manual of your printer.

- Canon is a registered trademark of Canon, Inc.
- Bubble Jet is a trademark of Canon, Inc.
- Microsoft, MS-DOS and Windows are registered trademarks of
  Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
- Lotus and Freelance are trademarks of Lotus Development
  Corporation, U.S.A.
- Other brand names and product names may be trademarks or
  registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Before You Get Started
1. Introduction
2. Product Contents
3. System Requirements

BJ Printer Driver
1. Installing the Printer Driver
2. Deleting the Printer Driver
3. Accessing the Printer Properties Dialog Box
4. Restrictions Related to Application Software
5. Precautionary Information

Before You Get Started
1. Introduction
This product is the Canon BJ Printer Driver for Microsoft(R)
Windows(R) Millennium Edition / Windows(R) 98 (hereafter
referred to simply as "Windows.")
This printer driver allows you to print attractive documents
from any Windows application using your Canon Color Bubble Jet

2. Product Contents
This product includes the following items.

- BJ Printer Driver
  You need this software to print with the Canon BJ Printer
  from Windows applications.

- BJ Background Monitor
  This allows you to check the status of background printing

- BJ Backgrounder
  This indicates the progress of the current printing task.

- Uninstall
  This deletes unnecessary BJ Printer Drivers.

- BJ Status Monitor
  This indicates the status of the printer and printing job.
  If an error occurs, the BJ Status Monitor displays an error
  message from the printer.

- BJ Printer Monitor
  This displays various types of information on the BJ
  printer connected to the computer. The information
  includes the connection port and the installed cartridges,
  and is displayed in list format.

- BJ Preview
  This allows you to check the print layout of a document 
  before printing it.

- README.TXT (This is the file you are reading now.)
  It describes the printer driver, and includes several
  precautions. Be sure to read this file carefully before using
  the printer driver.

3. System Requirements
This printer driver requires the following system and

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows Me or Windows 98

    Computer: Any computer that can run Windows.

    Interface: USB interface

    Printer cable: USB cable

- This printer driver should be used with applications designed
  to run on Windows Me or Windows 98.

BJ Printer Driver
1. Installing the Printer Driver
Before your printer can actually print documents, you must
install this printer driver from within Windows.

The following procedure describes how to install only the printer
driver, without using the CD that comes with the printer.
When using the CD to install the printer driver,
follow the procedure described in the printer manual.

  Note: If you have ever used the same BJ printer, install the
        new driver after deleting the old version of the printer
        driver. For details of deleting the printer driver,
        refer to "2. Deleting the Printer Driver."

  1)  Turn off the printer.
  2)  Turn on the computer, and start Windows.
  3)  Connect the printer and the computer with the USB cable.
  4)  From the [Start] menu, click [Run...].
  5)  Click the [Browse...] button.
  6)  From the [Look in:] list box, select the drive or folder
      that contains the printer driver.
      Note: Since the name of CD-ROM drive differs depending
            on the computer, refer to your computer manual or
            contact the computer manufacturer.
  7)  Choose [Setup.exe], and click the [Open] button.
  8)  Click the [OK] button.
  9)  The [Welcome] dialog box is displayed.
      To continue the installation, click the [Next>] button.
  10) The [Software License Agreement] dialog box is displayed.
      If you agree to the terms of the License, click the
      [Yes] button.
      If you do not agree, you cannot use the printer driver.
  11) File copying begins. After all files are copied, the
      [Printer connection destination] dialog box is displayed.
      When the dialog box is displayed, turn on the printer.
  12) The [Finish] dialog box is displayed. Click the [Finish]
      button to end the installation.

  - If you previously used a BJ printer that was connected with
    a USB cable, a message reporting that the USB driver will
    be updated may be displayed. Click the [OK] button to
    update the USB driver and restart Windows.
    Then restart the procedure from step 1.

  - If the [Finish] dialog box is not displayed after the
    preceding procedure, turn off the printer and turn it on

  - If you are installing more than one printer driver, you
    need to choose the printer driver as default.
    Select the printer driver from the [Printers] folder,
    then check [Set as Default] in the [File] menu.

2. Deleting the Printer Driver
The driver of S9000 printer that is installed is deleted.

  1)  From the [Start] menu, select [Programs], and then click
      [Canon S9000].
  2)  Click [Uninstall].
  3)  If the [Confirm File Deletion] dialog box appears,
      click the [Yes] button.

3. Accessing the Printer Properties Dialog Box
Settings for your printer driver are normally entered from the
application using the Printer Settings item within [Page Setup]
in the [File] menu, or [Properties] under [File]-[Printer].
When you cannot open this window from your application, follow
the procedure below.

  1)  From the [Start] menu, select [Settings], and then click
      on [Printers].
  2)  Click on the icon of the printer used in your Printers
  3)  Select [Properties] from the [File] menu.
  4)  In the Properties dialog box, click [Main] or [Page Setup]
      to open the basic settings tab.
  5)  Enter the necessary settings for your printing function.
      To see an explanation of each item, click the [Help]
      button. Once the Help window is displayed, you can press
      the F1 key to see instructions on how to use the Help
  6)  When your settings are completed, click the [OK] button.

4. Restrictions Related to Application Software
This printer driver is subject to the following restrictions for
the listed types of software. (For specific details, refer to
the user's manual provided with the software you use or contact
the appropriate support facility.)

- Lotus Word Pro 97 / Freelance 97(Lotus)
  When [Halftoning] on the [Set Print Quality] dialog box of the
  printer driver is set to [Dither] or [Diffusion], color data
  may print in monochrome depending on the data. In this case,
  change [Halftoning] to [Dither(Fast)] or [Auto].

- Microsoft Word 97 (Microsoft Corp.)
  When [Halftoning] on the [Set Print Quality] dialog box of the
  printer driver is set to [Auto], certain lines may not be
  printed. In this case, change [Halftoning] to [Dither(Fast)],
  [Dither], or [Diffusion].

- Microsoft Word Version 7.0 (Microsoft Corp.)
  When using Microsoft Word Version 7.0, documents designated
  for enlargement/reduction printing may not be enlarged or
  reduced as specified.
  To use the enlargement/reduction function, first select
  [Start] - [Settings] - [Printers], and right-click on the name
  of the printer you use. Then select [Set as Default], and
  specify the paper size in the Properties - [Page Setup] tab.
  Now you are ready to start the application.
  If you are not using the enlargement/reduction function, or if
  you are printing after clicking on the [Close] button to close
  the Print dialog box, the printer prints using the specified
  paper size.

- CorelDRAW! 6.0 (Corel Co.)
  In some cases printer driver settings may not be valid. If
  this should occur, save the printing data, and close
  CorelDRAW! 6.0. Then select [Start] - [Settings] - [Printers],
  right-click on the name of the printer you use. Then select
  Properties. Now enter the printer driver settings, start
  CorelDRAW! 6.0 again and print the document.

- Some software packages may cancel enlargement/reduction
  settings when the printer Properties window is closed and
  Enlargement/reduction ratios are set in terms of the ratio
  between the specified document size and the printer paper size.
  If this happens, you can print at the proper enlargement/
  reduction ratio by printing immediately after setting the
  enlargement/reduction ratio.

- When printing using the page layout function, some
  applications may move data from one page onto the next.

5. Precautionary Information
 - To enable the BJ Status Monitor, enable bi-directional
   communication in Windows.
   From the [Start] menu, click [Settings], then select 
   [Printers] to open the Printer Properties dialog box. Go to
   the [Details] tab and click the [Spool Settings...] button,
   then select [Enable bi-directional support for this printer].

 - The BJ Status Monitor cannot be used, when the printer
   is used as a network printer.

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