HISTORY.TXT Driver File Contents (trident_disk1.zip)

Change History:
04/11/97 V.5.00.10.TW03
	1. Correct the problem that display screen incorrectly on TV when 
	   Television page is actived.
	2. Fixed the bug that show video incorrectly at 800x600 expand to 1024x768 panel 
	   on chip 9385-1.
	3. Fixed the problem that some icons will become blank when APM suspend and then 

04/03/97 V.5.00.10.TW02
	1. Fixed the bug that show video incorrectly at 800x600 expand to 1024x768 panel.

03/21/97 V.5.00.10.TW01
        1. Add for Dual-HW video windows support for 9685.
        2. Correct the NTSC/PAL indicated in 'Television' Page.
        3. Change the layout of DDC support in 'Refresh Rate' page.
        4. Save the refresh rate when power-down and restore refresh rate
           when turn back to that mode.

02/24/97 V.5.00.01.TW02
        1. Add check for support Tv but not allowed switching between NTSC/PAL.
        2. Correct the icon shown in 'Output Device' page while in LCD only mode.

01/31/97 V.5.00.01.TW01
        1. Correct the problem that Output Device pate showing
           LCD resolution incorrectly at true color.
        2. Show Refresh Rate page while running on Win95 OSR2.
        3. Add Uninstall feature for Utility.

01/24/96 V.4.02.10.TW03
	1. Correct the problem that show a Big-Blue screen when switch to 
	   full-screen DOS Box while Display Device page is actived.
	2. Correct the problem that show output device icon incorrectly 
	   in Display  Device page.

01/14/96 V.4.02.10.TW02
	1. Add International support.
	2. Add DDC Enable/Disable switch to control DDC facility.

12/30/96 V.4.02.10.TW01
	1. New version of display driver (V.4.02.10).
	2. Correct the refresh rate value displayed on Refresh rate page.
	3. When DDC monitor is attached, the Refresh rate tree view can not
	   accept mouse double-click.
	4. Correct the supported resolution displayed on Output Device while
	   running under different color-depth.

12/20/96 V.4.02.07.TW02
	1. Add support for Trident 9685.
	2. Add a new user interface for output device control.
	3. Adding TV support checking for 9385 without TV support.
	4. Auto-detect whether the OS is Win95 or Win95OSR2.  Since Win95OSR2 
	   has support for monitor control, so if running on Win95OSR2, the 
           Refresh Rate Page will disappear automatically.
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