Disk_2/NDIS2/DOS/OEMSETUP.INF Driver File Contents (disk2.zip)

Driver Package File Name: disk2.zip
File Size: 574.9 KB

        A =\lanservr\dos ,"3Com TokenLink Velocity PCI XL Adapter Driver Disk"


; Lan Server 4.x DLS Configuration and Installation
; Copyright 1997 3Com Corporation
; v1.00 (970404)

com$4048="3Com TokenLink Velocity PCI XL Adapter",0,ndis,tokenring,real,com$tok_inst,com$tok_nif


;  Option flags - for NDIS parameters
;  0x01 - Range and default value specify absolute memory addresses
;  0x02 - Parameter is optional
;  0x04 - Parameter value is set by the device driver on the adapter
;  0x08 - User must be queried for value
;  0x10 - NDIS 2.0 value
;  0x20 - NDIS 3.0 value
; Some settings were made mandatory to query user even though default
; values exist.  Including I/O base, Interrupt, DMA, and Ring Speed.
; Ring speed value will overide adapter setting.

;param=speed,"Ring Speed",text,"4,16",16,0x38
;param=packetsize,"Packet Size",int,"512,16384,1",4096,0x32
;param=netaddress,"Network Address in quotes",chars,12,,0x32
;param=productid,"Product ID",chars,36,"",0x32
;param=fifoenable,"FIFO Enable",text,"0,1",0,0x32
server: web1, load: 1.60