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  EtherFast 10/100 PC Card Setup
  for Packet Driver Networks

  Before You Begin
  Technical Support

  Before You Begin
  Thanks for choosing the EtherFast 10/100 PC Card from Linksys.  Before
  attempting to install the card, we highly recommend that you read
  the User Guide that came with your card in order to install both your
  PCMCIA socket & card services AND your network driver.


        Packet drivers are general drivers used by many operating systems,
        especially TCP/IP software packages. If the network system that is
        installed specifically mentions support for packet drivers, then
        it is likely that it will be able to the provided packet driver
        without problems.

        The most important thing to remember when installing packet drivers
        is the software interrupt vector.  The default interrupt vector for
        the packet drivers is 0x62 hexadecimal.  Most network operating
        system supporting packet drivers will try to automatically search for
        packet drivers already loaded in the computer's memory.  However,
        some packages will require a provided interrupt vector for the packet
        driver.  Furthermore, some packages can only work with certain
        interrupt vectors. which require a software interrupt vector parameter
        when loading.  Please see the section at the end of this document for
        description on packet driver parameters.

        Since the EtherFast PC Card are software configurable, the
        packet driver will automatically detect the hardware parameters.
        If the packet driver can properly read the adapter's MAC address
        during loading, then the hardware is normally working properly.

        To load the packet driver into memory, simply run the
        PC100PD.COM file located on the EtherFast driver disk
        under the PKTDRV directory.

        The PC100PD.COM program has the following parameters:

           PC100PD.COM <packet_int_no> <int> <i/o address>


        <packet_int_no> is the software interrupt vector number used by the
                       packet driver program.  Options include: 96 to 128.

        <int> is the hardware interrupt used by the card. This should match
              the PCMCIA drivers interrupt selection for the card. Options
              include: 3,4,5,6,9,10,11, or 15.

        <i/o address> is the hardware i/o address used by the card.  This
              should match the PCMCIA drivers i/o address selection for
              the card.

        For example, to run the driver program with an interrupt of
        6, you might type:

        PC100PD.COM 0x62 6

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