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                      Trident 94x0 AGi Users

Windows NT Device Drivers Version 1.01                   Jul. 12, 1995


1.0     Introduction
2.0     Supported Resolutions
3.0     Installation Notes for Windows NT Version 3.5


1.0     Introduction

This Accelerate Driver runs on the following products:

     Trident 94x0 AGi, VESA or PCI local bus adapter

The Graphics Device Drivers supplied here are for the Microsoft
Windows NT operating system version 3.5.


2.0     Supported Resolutions.

                    16 colors     256 colors    65000 colors    16.7 million
     Resolutions    4 bpp         8 bpp         16 bpp          24 bpp

     640 x  480     0.5/1/2MB     0.5/1/2MB         1/2MB           1/2MB
     800 x  600     0.5/1/2MB     0.5/1/2MB         1/2MB             2MB
    1024 x  768     0.5/1/2MB         1/2MB         1/2MB             N/A
    1280 x 1024     1/2MB               2MB           N/A             N/A
    1600 x 1200     1/2MB               2MB           N/A             N/A

.5/1/4MB -  Supported on 0.5, 1 or 2 Megabyte trident 94x0 AGi products
N/A      -  Not Supported


3.0     Installation Notes for Windows NT

This driver package containing:

  - AGI.SYS             (Trident AGi graphics miniport driver)
  - AGI.DLL             (Trident AGi graphics display  driver)
  - OEMSETUP.INF        (setup files used by Windows NT Setup program)
  - README              This README file for Windows NT Version 3.5

Windows NT drivers are included on Disk #2 of this package.  They are
located in the \NT35 sub-directory.


1. Run the Windows NT display Setup program located in the Control Panel, Main

2. Select "Change Display Type..." button from the Display Settings options.

3. Select "Change..." button from the Display Type options.

4. Select "Other..." button from the Select Device options.

5. Windows NT will prompt you for the correct path. Enter A:\NT35 if disk 2
   is loaded in drive A:.

6. A list of modes will appear, select the resolution and color
   depth desired.

7. Restart Windows NT.  Windows NT will start up using the trident AGi drivers.

Note: If a color depth or resolution that is not supported by your
      card is selected, Windows NT will substitute 640x480, 256 colors mode
      as the current display mode.

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