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Driver Package File Name: 3Com910.zip
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*                    3COM CORPORATION                      *                  
*							   *
*        OfficeConnect 10/100 Network Interface Card       *         
*							   *
*        DRIVER INSTALLATION for Microsoft Windows XP      *        
*							   *
*                                                          *	                  
*							   *
*            Copyright (C) 2002 3Com Corporation           *
*                   All Rights Reserved.                   *
*                                                          *                               
*							   *
*                     V2.0    6-21-02                      *          
*						           *

The driver (EL910N51.SYS) contained in the root is for the 
following 3Com Ethernet adapter:

  3Com OfficeConnect 10/100 Network Interface Card 

The driver (EL910N51.SYS) conforms to the Network Driver 
Interface Specification NDIS5, and is used with Microsoft 
Windows Millennium, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

(A) Installing the driver on Microsoft Windows XP
Perform the following steps to install the 3CSOHO100B-TX 
Network Interface Card (NIC) in Microsoft Windows XP.

1. With the computer powered off, insert the NIC into an 
	available PCI slot.
2. Turn the computer power ON.
3. The Found New Hardware Wizard appears, select "Install 
        from a list or specific location (Advanced)". 
        Click Next.
4. Select "Don't Search. I will Choose the Driver to 
        Install". Click Next.
5. Under Common Hardware Types, select "Network Adapters".
        Click Next.
6. Click on the "Have Disk" button. Type in the path for 
        the location of the drivers and click OK. (Enter D:\ 
        where "D" is your CD-ROM drive).
7. Your Network Adapter will come up ready selected in the 
        dialog window. Click Next.
8. Once the installation is complete, click Finish in the 
        final dialog window.

3Com is a registered trademark of 3Com Corporation. All other 
product names are registered trademarks of their respective 
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