FAQ.TXT Driver File Contents (EM6800U-Win9x-ME-V4.ZIP)

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   You may encounter some problems or doubts while installing or using your
 modem. This chapter highlights some of the more common issues concerning 
 your modem and their possible solutions. Reviewing this FAQ can help
 you solve many problems and often eliminate the need for telephone 

1. Q : How to initialize the modem?

   A : The following modem command was used to initialize the modem in
       the terminal emulation mode such as in Windows 95/98 
       Hyperterminal application:


2. Q : How to initialize the modem in DOS-based games under Windows 95/98                          virtual DOS box?

   A : The following modem command was used to initialize the modem in
       DOS-based games such as Heretic and Hexen under Windows 95/98
       virtual DOS box:

       At the same time, check that you are configuring the Modem with
       the correct IRQ, Port Address and Baud Rate.

       Some older DOS games do not have the ability to detect your modem 
       correctly. Please read the attached text files with the games to 
       find out how to configure the game manually.
       You will need to modify the initialization strings that the game set 
       for the modem (which may be incorrect) accordingly.

3.  Q : My system does not detect the modem when I boot up for the first

    A : Make sure your modem is connected to one of the available COM port
        of your system by the Modem Cable. Please ensure that the PORT is
        enabled in your BIOS settings. Ensure that Plug and Play is 
        enabled too.

        Also ensure that the Power Adapter that comes with this modem is
        switched on and securely inserted into the Modem's Power Supply

        However, if you are sure that the modem has been properly
        installed, do the following:

        i.  From the Windows 95/98 task bar, click the 'Start' button.
        ii. Select 'Settings' and then click on 'Control Panel'.
        iii.Double-click the 'System' icon.
        iv. Click the 'Device Manager' tab.
        v.  Check whether there is any yellow exclamation mark (error) on 
            the modem devices. If yes, remove the modem devices. Restart
            the Windows and the system will detect the modem again.
            Reinstall the modem drivers.

4.  Q : While testing the modem, the system gave an error message saying
        that it was unable to open the COM port.

    A : Make sure you have closed all the communication software (e.g.
        Hyperterminal,Dial-up Networking, etc.) when you are doing the
        diagnostics test.
        However, if there is no communication software running, do the 
        following :

        i.  From the Windows 95/98 task bar, click the 'Start' button.
        ii. Select Settings and then click on 'Control Panel'
        iii.Double-click the 'System' icon.
        iv. Click the 'Device Manager' tab.
        v.  Check whether there is any yellow exclamation mark or 
            Duplicated hardware entries on the modem device. If yes,
            remove the modem devices.
            Restart the Windows and the system will detect the modem again. 
            Reinstall the modem drivers.

5.  Q : Why does my modem always connect at 33.6Kbps but not 56Kbps ?

    A : Check with your internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that it
        supports 56Kbps connection.

        Check the Device Manager to see if you have installed the correct
        installation script files for this Modem. You should be seeing
        "EM6800 56K External Modem" under the Modem Class.

        If you see "Standard Modem", then you must have installed the
        Default Windows Installation scripts files. The maximum connection
        speed is 33.6kbps for Standard Modem.

        If you see some other names, then you have installed the wrong
        files for your Modem.

        Please refer to FAQ number 14 on how to remove or update your
        Modem Driver files.

6.  Q : I have done a diagnostics test of my modem and there is nothing
        wrong with it. However, when I use a communication software, there
        seems to be an error. Why ?

    A : Try to use Microsoft Fax to fax a document. If the sending of fax is
        successful, then the fax function of your modem is working fine.
        Try to use Hyperterminal to dial up a BBS. If the connection is
        successful, then the data function of your modem is working fine.
        Try exiting the communication software and running it again.

7.  Q : The modem hangs up when an incoming call is received.

    A : Disable the Call Waiting function for the Online Service, Internet
        Connection and/or communication software you are using.

8.  Q : When I tried to dial out, the system gave me an error message saying
        "No Dial Tone".

    A : Check the Telephone Cable connection. If necessary, connect to a
        Telephone and check for the Off Hook Dial tone. If there is no Dial
        Tone, most probably there is some problem with your telephone cable

9.  Q : There are incomprehensible characters appearing on the screen.

    A : the data, parity and stop bit settings are incorrect. Try using the
        default values or checked with your ISP. 
        Check to see if Hardware or Software Flow control is enabled in your 
        Modem Properties.

10. Q : I cannot install the Modem under Windows 3.1x.

    A : Under Windows 3.1x, there is no drivers needed as the Operating
        system does not support Modem Drivers. However, you can use the COM
        Port drivers to make your modem work properly. Note that under
        Windows 3.1x, the maximum possible speed is 19200bps. This is an
        limitation of the Windows 3.1x itself and is not the fault of this
        modem product.

11. Q : I cannot find the Modem Drivers on the root directory of the
        Installation CD while installing under Windows 95SR1.

    A : Windows 95SR1 have a bug in not been able to detect driver files in
        the root directory of a CD. You have to path to the "WIN9X"
        directory of the CD to locate the drivers. The drivers in this
        directory is exactly the same copy as those in the root directory
        of the CD.

12. Q : What does TAPI and Non-TAPI communication applications means?

    A : Generally, TAPI refers to true 32 bit communication applications.
        They do not access the COM ports directly but through an Interface
        known as TAPI system of Windows (Not Windows 3.1x).

        Non-TAPI applications are also referred to as 16 bit communication
        applications. They access the COM ports directly.

        Windows 95/98 supports both TAPI and Non-TAPI communication

13. Q : The Modem Speaker Volume Slider in the Modem Properties does not

    A : The Modem Speaker Volume Slider in the Modem Properties is meant to
        be use with TAPI compliant software. If the Communication Software
        that you are using is not TAPI compliant, then you will most
        probably be unable to control the Modem Speaker Volume.

        Note that Hyperterminal of Windows 95 and Windows 98 supports both
        TAPI and NON-TAPI mode. In non-TAPI mode, you have to manually
        type in the AT commands to dial up and set the Modem Speaker Volume
        yourself. Please check the attached ATCOMSET.PDF for more

14. Q : How can I update my present (Incorrect) Modem Driver Files to
        "EM6800 56K External Modem" ?

    A : i.  Go to the Modem Class in Device Manager.
        ii. Go to the properties of your present modem and go to the Driver
        iii.Insert the Modem Installation CD into your CDROM drive and
            click update Driver.
        iv. At the Update Device Driver Wizard screen, select "Yes"
            to let Windows search for the driver.
        v.  The driver will be found at the root directory or the "WIN9X"
            directory of the CD. 
        vi. Click the "Finish " button to finish the installation.
        vii.Updating is completed.            

15. Q : My TAPI mode Communication Software cannot install/Run.

    A : It could be that you do not have the latest UniModem Drivers
        installed on your System. The default drivers in Windows could be
        inadequate for your Communication Software. This is the case if you
        are using Chinese Windows 95.

        i.  Go to your Windows Explorer.
        ii. Browse to the "UNIMODEM" directory of the CD and locate the
            file "UNIMODV.INF".
        iii.Right Click on the file and choose "Install".
        iv. The Latest Unimodem Drivers will be automatically installed
            into your system.
        v.  Reboot your system to let the UniModem Drivers take effect.
16. Q : How do I know if this modem is V.90 ready ?

    A : Using Hyperterminal or any other Communication Software that
        recognizes AT commands. Type in the command "ATI7". You will see
        V.90 listed in the Options Profile. This means V.90 is supported
        and ready.

17. Q : Where can I find all the files installed into my system by the
        modem ?

        Assuming that your Windows Directory is called "WINDOWS", the
        files are :

        ATCOMSET.PDF           -               C:\WINDOWS
        MDM450X.INF            -               C:\WINDOWS\INF
        WAV450X.INF            -               C:\WINDOWS\INF

18. Q : I have installed the modem successfully but whenever I tried to
        call my ISP, the browser reports an error.

    A : Proceed to the Network Icon in Control Panel. Ensure that you have
        installed TCP/IP. If not, click the add button and select
        Protocol->Microsoft->TCP/IP and finally the "OK" button.
        Restart your system when prompted and reconfigure your Dial-Up
        Networking to connect to your ISP again.
        Also check that you have stated the correct proxy (if any) of
        your ISP in the Browser options.

19. Q : How can I de-install my Modem?

    A : If you installed the Modem correctly, then there is a 
        "EM6800 Modem Information" Folder at your Start Button Menu.
	Click the "Deinstall Modem" Icon in the folder and follow the simple
 	instructions to completely deinstall your Modem.
	Else, you can also proceed to the Add/Remove Program Icon in Control 
        Panel and select "EM6800 External Modem Files" to deinstall the 

	If you somehow do not see this two options available, you can run
	the following files on the Modem Installation CD's root directory 
	or your Windows Directory to deinstall your Modem.

	  For EM6800-A, run the file "DEINSTAA.EXE" to deinstall modem.

          For EM6800-E, run the file "DEINSTAE.EXE" to deinstall modem.

          For EM6800-U, run the file "DEINSTAU.EXE" to deinstall modem.

20. Q : I do not see a New folder called "EM6800 Modem Information" after
	manually installing the Modem.

    A : If you manually add in the Modem through the Modem Icon in Control 
	Panel, then you will only be able to see the New Folder after you 
	restart your Windows.

21. Q : How can I set my Country profile for EM6800-E (European model) 
	External Modem?

    A : First ensure that your Modem is switched on and the red LED is 
	light up.
	Go to the "Em6800-E Modem Information" Folder at the Start Button
	Menu and select the "Set Country" Icon. A Window Box will appear 
	with a List of European Countries. Select the Country that you are 
	presently in or the one most appropriate and click the OK button to
	update the Country Profile.

	Alternatively, you can run the file "SETREGCD.EXE" on the Modem
	Installation CD to update your EM6800-E Modem's Country Profile.
22. Q : How do I check whether which Country Profile I am using presently 
	for EM6800-E External Modem?
    A : Go to hyperterminal and type "ATI7". The "Product type" properties
	will show the Country Profile currently used by the Modem.

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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