DMIOEM.TXT Driver File Contents (

                           DMI MODULE RELEASE NOTES

12/06/96 V4.10 MET Fixed bug in WRITE_CHASSIS_TYPE test that allowed a write
                   when no write was needed.  Removed ability to disable
                   auto-iFICS with a "debug_ificsid" parameter of zero (MFG
                   version only).  Enhanced string prompting functionality by
                   stuffing the input with the current string (ESC key clears
                   it).  Non-MFG version now will always prompt for a string
                   when no parameter or command line string is found.

11/14/96 V4.09 DAY Added additional functionality to the /ASK comand line
                   parameter.  Added the ability to edit the old information
                   without having to type it all in.

09/10/96 V4.08 TEF Added DMI Event Log support.  I2C EEPROM moved from DMI test
                   module to a new I2C EEPROM test module.  For bitmap
                   descriptions for MASK_POST_RESULTS_1 and
                   MASK_POST_RESULTS_2, see page 12 in the "DMI BIOS Support
                   Interface Requirements" document in SRC\DMI\SUPPORT.

08/02/96 V4.05 MET Added switchboard DMI sub-function support.

06/24/96 V4.04 DAY '#' was added to EEPROM DATA file spec to designate dynamic
                   bytes in the EEPROM internal use area.  Added support for

                   Major & Minor version number of DMI SDS Area supported by
                   the EEPROM DATA FILE was added to the EEPROM DATA FILE.
                   Added Checking to make sure the version supported by BIOS
                   was the same as the one being programmed from the file.

                   Fixed a couple of bugs in the function that read the FRU
                   numbers from operator input.  If return was entered to
                   indicate a null string, there would be an error.  When the
                   operator entered just a return, the buffer was being left
                   uninitialized.  Also The SetDMIStructure function will not
                   write a NULL string to the DMI fields.  So if the string is
                   null we just erase the field instead of trying to write it.
                   Trying to write a NULL string to a DMI field was what was
                   actually causing the error.  Also in the EEPROM functions if
                   a NULL string was read from the EEPROM it was reading one
                   byte instead of none, this caused the problems with
                   displaying this NULL string.

                   Added support for multiple EEPROM DATA FILEs in the
                   configuration file.  Only the first parameter changed from
                   EEPROM_FILE to EEPROM_FILE_00 will be used for programming
                   the EEPROM, the rest EEPROM_FILE_01-99 are used for
                   programing the DMI GPNV SDS area with sensor threshold

                   Added following tests:

05/30/96 X4.04 DAY Fixed an error in the area length bytes.  The area length
                   bytes are the actual length / 8 bytes.

                   Changed the algorithms so that they read the EEPROM data out
                   of the EEPROM data file specified in the configuration file
                   under the EEPROM_FILE parameter.  It would then add the FRU
                   numbers to the default data read from the files.  Further
                   detail about the algorithms can be read from the dmi.hlp

                   Added configuration file parameter:

                   Added following tests:

05/30/96 V4.03 DAY Removed the Chassis Area & Chassis Id Info in the Internal
                   Use Area from all the EEPROMs except Baseboard's.

                   Added a feature were the read EEPROM area subtests will read
                   until they get an end of fields code (0xC1).

                   Known Bug: Do not use WRITE_EEPROM_BYTE, it has a bug and
                              will do strange things like reboot the system.
                              It has been removed from the package file.

04/05/96 V4.02 DAY Added I2C EEPROM programming for all new systems that have
                   EEPROMs that follow the EEPROM Storage Definition for
                   Buckeye/Balboa Spec.  Supports all the things the DMI
                   utilities do.  Includes three utilites for support, clearing
                   displaying, and single byte write.

04/05/96 V4.01 MET String lengths as passed to the Set DMI Structure function
                   now include the NULL terminator.  Updated to TS_SCAN V4_41.

01/26/96 V4.00 MET Original.  Supports /type /pause /nopause switches.  Fully
                   displays DMI records 0-4, displays record type only for
                   5-15.  Supports writing type 1,2,3 records.  Strings support
                   "ENV=<env_var>" and "IFICS=#" to inform test to get string
                   from an environment variable or a line in the
                   %IFICSHEXID%.BBB file residing in %TSTSTA%\STATION.
                   Supports "debug_ificsid".  Verifies writes by rereading
                   structures afterward.
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