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Genius Series Mouse

    This document describes the procedures of  the application program Mail Checker. This software Mail Checker and Easy Jump are included with the Genius Series Mouse package.

How to use
    1. After you have installed the Genius Series Mouse software, the Mail Checker will appear as a yellow envelope 
        icon in the status bar.

    2. Email Setting:
        Move the cursor to the yellow envelope icon. Press the Genius Series Mouse right button 
        and select "Email Setup".

        1. Notification:
            [Check for new Email messages every]: Checks your mail server automatically.
            [minute (s)]: Amount of interval between previous/next check.
            [Music continuation time] : Play music.
            [Second (s)]: Amount of time for play music.

            [Enable LED indicator]: Turn on/off LED.
            [Blinking Rate]: The LED frequency rate.
            [Enable default music selection]: Play default select music.
	    [Select Music]: List of all music.
            [Enable favorite sound play]: Play selected WAV file through speakers.
            [...]: Browser.
            [   ]: Play.
            [Show Notify Window]: Show the message dialog box.
	    [Double click middle button to stop the music when receiving email]: Double click middle button to stop the music when receiving email in any time.
	    [Double click middle button to open the E-Mail]: Double click middle button to open the E-Mail in any time. 	 

        2. Accounts:
            [Add]: Add a new account.
            [Delete]: Remove an existing account.
            [Main Column]: List all accounts.
            [Description]: Brief description of account.
            [POP3 Server]: Enter the pop3 mail server.
            [User Account]: Enter user's account.
            [Password]: Enter user's password.
            [Confirm Password]: Enter the password again to confirm the password.

        3. Address:
            [Only notify while the email addresses listed below arrive]: All email addresses listed below that are enabled will be shown in the message dialog box.
            [Add]: Add a new account.
            [Delete]: Remove an existing account.
            [Main Column]: List of all accounts.
            [Filter Email address]: Enter the email address.

        4. Device Test:
            [LED ON]: Turn on the LED.
            [LED OFF]: Turn off the LED.
            [LED Blinking]: Enable the frequency rate.
            [Blinking Rate]: Choose the frequency rate, from 1 to 127.
            [Play Music]: Turn on the music player.
            [Stop Music]: Turn off the music player.

    3. Check Mail Now:
        Move the cursor to the yellow envelope icon. Press the right button of the Genius Series Mouse
        and click on [Check Mail Now]. You can now check the mail server that you defined. If there
	is any mail in the user's account, the Mail Checker's yellow envelope icon will be blinking
	. Alos, the Genius Series Mouse LED will be blinking and/or playing sounds to inform 
	users. Move the cursor to the yellow envelope icon and double click on the icon. The Mail 
	Checker will then open a mail application software, such as Outlook Express etc.

    4. Exit Mail Checker:
        Exit and close the Mail Checker.
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