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                               Chips and Technologies
                    DS8223 LEAPEMM.SYS EMM Driver Documentation


            This document describes the MS-DOS device driver
            LEAPEMM.SYS, when in conjunction with a Chips and
            Technologies 8223 "LEAP" ChipSet provides support for LIM
            EMS 4.0

            II.  Device Driver Installation

            This EMS driver is supplied as a device driver that can be
            loaded at DOS boot time.  The user is required to edit the
            CONFIG.SYS file so that it contains a line in the form of:

                DEVICE = d:[path]\LEAPEMM.SYS [options]

            where d: and [path] represent the drive and path where the
            driver is located.

            The driver is designed so that, under normal circumstances,
            it does not need any command line options in order to give
            satisfactory performance.  However, command line options are
            provided so that the driver may be tailored to a user's
            specific needs.

            Before installing the driver, you should run your system
            SETUP and make sure to set aside sufficient memory for your
            needs.  This memory should be designated as expanded memory.

            III. Command Line Parameters

            The following command line parameters are available for
            knowledgeable users who wish to tailor the driver for their
            own requirements.  Option names may be shortened to their
            first two characters.  Options should be separated by one or
            more spaces.  Spaces are optional before and after the '-'
            and '=' symbols.

            FRAME = aaaa
                 Specifies the page frame address (the address of
                 the 64K segment through which expanded memory is
                 mapped.  "aaaa" must be either C000, C400, C800,
                 CC00, D000, D400, D800, DC00, or E000.  Specifying
                 FRAME will override the automatic choice of page
                 frame by the driver.

            EXCLUDE = xxxx [- cccc]
                 Specifies an area of memory which should not be
                 under the control of the LEAPEMM.SYS driver. "xxxx"
                 and "cccc" specify the address or range of
                 addresses of memory to be excluded and should be in
                 multiples of 16K (i.e. end in 00).  EXCLUDE may be
                 used several times on the driver command line to
                 exclude multiple blocks of memory, though at least
                 64K of memory should remain above 640K (A000).  The
                 driver will find all RAM/ROM in the range D000 -
                 EFFF, and will adjust for them.

            INCLUDE = xxxx [- cccc]
                 Specifies memory to be included under the control
                 of the LEAPEMM.SYS driver.  Parameters are similar
                 to EXCLUDE above.

            HANDLES = hhh
                 Specifies the number of handles and names
                 available.  "hhh" must be in the range of 16 to
                 255, with the default being 64.

            IOADDR = aaa
                 Overrides the default base I/O address at which the
                 "LEAP" ChipSet should be configured.  aaa must be
                 either 208, 218, 258, 268, 2A8, 2B8, or 2E8.

            DIAGS = xxx
                 Specifies whether EMS memory diagnostics are performed
                 during initialization of the driver.  "xxx" must be
                 ON or OFF.  The default is OFF.

            IV.  Error Messages

            "Initialization Error. Memory Manager not Installed"
                 This is a generic error message that is accompanied
                 by another error message.  This means that for some
                 reason (given by the other error message) the EMM
                 driver could not be installed correctly.

            "Cannot detect mapping hardware"
                 The EMM driver could not find a Chips 8223 "LEAP"
                 ChipSet in the system.  Make sure that your EMS is
                 enabled.  This error may indicate that you have the
                 wrong driver for your system.

            "Problems encountered with memory initialization"
                 The EMM driver could not set up the page frame
                 correctly.  Make sure that there is at least one
                 contiguous 64K segment of unused memory space above
                 640K (A000).

            "Interrupt 67 Vector already allocated"
                 Some other driver has already allocated the EMS
                 interrupt vector.  Remove all other EMS drivers
                 from your CONFIG.SYS file.

            "I/O address specified is not one of the permitted
                 The EMS mapper I/O address you indicated using the
                 IOADDR command line option is an invalid address.
                 Make sure that it is either 208, 218, 258, 268,
                 2A8, 2B8, or 2E8.

            "An equals (=) sign was expected"
                 One of your LEAPEMM.SYS command line options was
                 not immediately followed by an equals '=' sign.
                 Check your CONFIG.SYS file to make sure the
                 LEAPEMM.SYS command line is formatted correctly.

            "Invalid HEX number or not divisible by 16"
                 One of your INCLUDE or EXCLUDE "xxxx" command line
                 arguments is incorrect.  Each "xxxx" argument for
                 these options must be divisible by 16 (ending in

            "Number of handles invalid or out range"
                 The value you specified for the HANDLES command
                 line option is invalid.  Make sure it is a decimal
                 number between 16 and 255.

            "Invalid Page Frame Address"
                 The page frame address you specified is invalid.
                 The page frame must start at either C000, C400,
                 C800, CC00, D000, D400, D800, DC00, or E000.

            "No working memory can be found. EMM aborted"
                 The driver cannot find any memory set aside as
                 expanded memory.  Make sure to run your system
                 SETUP, and set aside some memory for expanded

            "Unrecognized command/option in command line"
                 The string displayed after this error message was
                 found to be invalid.  Edit your CONFIG.SYS to make
                 sure this invalid option is corrected.

            "End address is less than starting address"
                 One of the "cccc" addresses specified for either
                 the INCLUDE or EXCLUDE options is less than the
                 "xxxx" value for that option.

            "The command line is incomplete"
                 Options are incomplete on the LEAPEMM.SYS command
                 line.  Make sure that all command line options are
                 correctly formatted.

            "Problems encountered in setting default page frame
                 The default page frame address found in your system
                 CMOS is invalid.  This is not a fatal error, if
                 this occurs the driver will use the default base
                 address.  Make sure to run your system SETUP and
                 make sure that your EMS base address is valid.

            "Decimal number input overflow error"
                 The number of handles specified is an invalid
                 number.  Edit your CONFIG.SYS and make sure that
                 the parameter for HANDLES is correctly formatted.

            "Error EMS I/O not enabled"
                 EMS has not been enabled on the Chips 8223 "LEAP"
                 ChipSet. Run your system SETUP and make sure EMS
                 has been enabled.

            "The EMS hardware is disabled or not functional"
                 This is a generic error message that is accompanied
                 by another error message.  This means that for some
                 reason (given by the other error message) the EMS
                 hardware is not operating properly.

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